Prize list

Adult - Heaviest Snapper**
Daiwa Saltiga 10000 reel plus lures

Adult - 2nd Heaviest Snapper
Daiwa Saltist SJ 200H & Saltist TD Black combo

Adult - 3rd Heaviest Snapper
Daiwa Kix 2500  TD Zero Combo

Adult - 5th Heaviest Snapper
Okuma ABF4000 avenger spin reel & X Factor II 702 rod combo 

7th Heaviest Snapper
Kilwell smoker

14th Heaviest Snapper
Kilwell smoker

Adult - 1st Average Heaviest Snapper
Furuno DB9 Sounder

Adult - 2nd Average Heaviest Snapper
Daiwa Saltist SJ 200H & TD Black Pirate Slow Jig comb

Adult - 3rd Average Heaviest Snapper
Daiwa BG MQ 10000 reel

Adult - 5th Average Heaviest Snapper
Okuma ABF4000 avenger spin reel & X Factor II 702 rod combo

Heaviest Snapper - Kayak

Heaviest Snapper - DNA Boat

Adult - Heaviest Gurnard

Adult - Heaviest Kahawai
Yeti Chiller

Adult - Heaviest Kingfish
AquaZition Rod
Shimano trinidad 16A reel

Adult - 2nd Heaviest Kingfish
vacuum packer

Heaviest Cray
Chilly Bin

Heaviest Speared Fish
Catch bag & underwater torch

2nd Heaviest Speared Fish
Flag & Float

Junior - Heaviest Snapper
Daiwa laguna Lt 3000
TD Hyper 7102 Rod

Junior - 2nd Heaviest Snapper
Daiwa Preed 150
Aird 661 Rod

Junior - 3rd Heaviest Snapper
Daiwa Crossfire Lt 3000
Aird 702 Rod

Junior - Average Heaviest Snapper
Daiwa laguna Lt 3000
TD Hyper 7102 Rod
soft baits

Junior - Heaviest Gurnard
tackle bag & Shimano baitrunner BTR4000OC & Aquatip 702 spin

Junior - Heaviest Kahawai
daiwa crossfire LT 3000C reel & Aird X 702MHFS-BW rod

Junior - Heaviest Kingfish
tackle bag & Shimano Baitrunner BTR4000OC & vortex 661 Spin Jig Rod


lots of cool Spot Prizes to be won

*you must be at the prize giving to collect your prize or it will go to someone else !!!

Dawnbreakers Fishing Club Rules and Regulations for the 2021 Snapper Cup

Registration is open to all current Dawnbreakers Fishing Club (DBFC) members. A member must register online and pay the registration fee in full before the 28/2/2021.
Fishing starts 5.00am Saturday 13th March 2021 and finishes 4pm Saturday 13th March 2021. Only fish caught during this time can be entered.
Fishing will be with rods and reels only or spear gun. No other means of catching fish is permitted. Fishing is restricted to Tasman Bay drawing a line from Seperation Point to, but not including the entrance of Greville harbour and the south side of French Pass.
To ensure they only take the vessel out in conditions that are appropriate to both the type of vessel and your own skill level.
Weigh in - 3:00pm to 5:00pm Saturday 13th March 2021
Contestants must be in the queue with their fish at closing time to qualify for fish weigh in AND have their current membership card with them. The competition organiser’s decision is final. Each member is allowed to enter 2 snapper and one of each other species that is in the prize category. Each fish entered can only win one prize. Fish are to be weighed whole.
The DBFC will make the call to cancel the competition due to weather before the 10th March 2021. No membership fees will be refunded due to cancellation of this event.
All contestants agree to observe the competition regulations and MPI fishing rules and harbour master rules.
The organiser’s reserve the right to change or amend the competition at any stage in the interests of public safety. Neither the competition organiser, nor any director, official, contractor or employee of the competition organiser shall have any liability in connection with the competition for any damage caused to any vehicle, boat or other property, or loss of property or personal injury or damage of whatever nature or kind howsoever caused. Refunds at the organisers discretion.

By registering for the Snapper Cup you accept the competition rules and disclaimer.